Description Of A Garden Essay

Why Plants are Important

by Rachel Goldstein, age 11

Plants are important because they produce oxygen. They are important because some animals eat them. Some plants are used in salads.

Some plants, like flowers, smell good. Bees suck up the nectar from flowers to make honey. Flowers are also used as decorations in houses.

Trees are also used to make houses, swings, paper, boxes, bags, etc.. Trees also give us air to breathe. Children love to make tree houses in trees. You also use trees in your fireplace. Trees are fun to climb.

Grass is fun to roll around in, especially where there is a hill. Tall grass is very fun to play and hide in. It is also fun to help the grass grow. It is fun to turn on the sprinkler and run through it while it waters the grass.

Leaves are on trees. At times the leaves fall from the trees, especially in Autumn they fall. Then it's fun to rake them into a pile to jump into.

A bush is a small tree. A bush is fun to hide in. A bush can be a wind breaker. A bush also gives us the air we breathe.

No matter what kind of plant it is...a tree, a flower, a blade of grass, a leaf, or just a bush...

They need our help to live and grow.

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I have been in the most famous Botanical Garden with my friends or my family before. Indeed, the Penang Botanic Garden gave us a relaxation place for doing physical exercises. The garden is clean, safe and comfortable for jogging. Mostly I go there every morning for walking up and down just like the locals do, is the best relaxation at 8am. I miss that fresh morning air, too. Actually the gate is open until after 8pm and there are also some fruits and drinks stalls, selling different variety of fresh tropical fruits in front of the main entrance. The local folks who after doing exercises will always go there and buy some drinks or fruits to release their thirst. What an enjoyable day! When I was there at the first time, I was so…show more content…

The view was awesome and it had saved in our mind already. We had an unforgettable memory. Other than that, the garden staff sometimes ride bikes or other vehicles quite recklessly, and kids were not allowed to ride bikes here. I saw some did. I wondered is there any setting rules on the sign board ? Throughout the tour, the advantages of the Penang Botanic Gardens are such as follows. Firstly, the Penang Botanic Gardens had gave us raising of public awareness in the appreciation of nature and gardening. The Gardens main objective include conservation environment and education. Thus, these could affect our thinking and increase our knowledge regarding to its nature environment. Moreover, the Penang Botanic Gardens Department provide us with programmes that focus on the historical and cultural heritage of the gardens, the plant collections, natural landscape and rich diversity of flora and fauna. It also provide professional advice related to botany, taxonomy, horticulture and landscaping. Its lush greenery and tranquil setting makes it a favourite park and a popular tourist destination. It is Penang's unique natural heritage, being the only garden of its kind in Malaysia. As such, the garden is a popular recreational spot; some of the recreational activities include jogging, walking, jungle trekking and aerobics. Amongst the flora in the gardens, we could have an opportunity to see those rare and unique plants


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