2d Shape Homework Ideas For 5th

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Working on 2D shapes? So are we! Here are three free activities to teach describing 2D shapes plus five videos that my kindergarten students love.

In order to accurately describe 2D shapes this means my kinders describe the number of sides, and the number of vertices for a circle, square, rectangle, hexagon and triangle.

Last quarter I really focused with my kinders on identifying 2D shapes. In addition to really working on the teen numbers and composing/decomposing 11-19, this quarter we are really hitting the idea of describing shapes. It’s a systematic way of building on what we know!

Free 2D Shape Activities

Often times, I create my own classroom resources and activities. I kinda hate worksheets. {Yep, I said it}

So, I try to come up with other ways to work on skills (even if it still uses pencil and paper) that feels more productive.

Mini 2D Shapes Booklet – I made a little booklet to use with my guided math groups.

I like that students pick up on the basic format: The first page asks a question based on a shape’s attributes. The second page answers it.

Describing 2D Shapes Bingo – I’ve found a way to turn bingo into a super effective way to work on describing shapes in kindergarten.

It’s a classic game that’s easy to share with parent volunteers too.

What’s Hiding Under the Rug – This is the easiest game to teach and play with kindergarten. I love turning it over to pairs of students to play in our small group sessions so I can listen in on how accurately they are describing 2D shapes.

2D Shape Videos

I found a way to incorporate some of my favorite youtube videos as well into our guided math zones.

Here are some of the favorite videos on describing and naming 2D shapes.

Here are the 2D Shapes that I know – By Harry Kindergarten has a catchy tune and helps visualize these shapes in our world.

The Shapes Song is simple, and makes its point, which is exactly what I need it to do!

The Shapes Song helps begin to work on describing these shapes and shows basic pictures from our world that includes shapes. It’s a little slower moving, but still effective!

This one quickly became my second favorite as Marmot’s shapes is very catchy and explicitly lays out the descriptions of the sides.

This one will keep your kids guessing as the shape keeps changing. It can also lead to a great discussion about how the side change and what happened to make it the new shape.

And this video was shared with me by email reader Kristen. {thanks Kristen!} She liked that it covered circles, squares, rectangles and triangles all in under 4 minutes.

If you’re looking for more handy ways to teach 2D shapes in kindergarten, then you’ve got to check out these 27 creative ways.

What are you working on in math?

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