Online Dictionary For Kids Homework

Reading Level 3-7

 Original Hobo Circus Society — This site provides an online dictionary with the appropriate spelling of unusual words used in the circus arena. Kids interested in trivia learn to spell words and the alternative definition for common words. They will become masters at this type of trivia in no time while having fun and impressing people with their knowledge.— This site offers a dictionary, thesaurus, references and quotes and it even has "Word of the Day" that helps the kids learn new words and increase their vocabulary. This site has a more grown-up look and lacks fun illustrations but will get the kids exposed to what the "big kids" use.

Fact Monster — This site has a couple of ads that don't interfere with the overall purpose of the site. A handy block named "Reference Desk" keeps essential tasks at hand to be used in homework, such as homework, references, atlas, dictionary and an encyclopedia. Fact Monster has sections on Science, The World, People, Math and a Homework Center to name a few additional resources that will come in handy when kids are stuck on a subject or eager to learn more beyond their assigned homework.

Word Central — Designed by Merriam-Webster with a more sophisticated and clean look than other online dictionaries but still providing interactive activities and a cool robot to keep kids engage with robot games, word creation and definitions and a thesaurus to keep their vocabulary and comprehension growing. There is a section for kids to build their own dictionary and a section for educators that parents will find helpful to assist their kids in expanding their verbal skills.

  • Donato, a Boston Bruins prospect still playing at Harvard, planned on doing homework on the flight home.

    —adam kilgore, Anchorage Daily News, "Blanked by the Czechs in a shootout, US men’s hockey team is out of the Olympics,"21 Feb. 2018

  • Headley has done his homework on this old/new organization, learning about the young major leaguers and some of the prospects in big-league camp.

    —kevin acee,, "Padres' Chase Headley back with same, different team,"17 Feb. 2018

  • For Hay, the time is an opportunity to work on class projects or finish her homework.

    —emily k. coleman, Lake County News-Sun, "Round Lake High School's new approach to class time gives students more flexibility, independence,"9 Feb. 2018

  • Her 16-year-old daughter, Enghiemar, does her homework on the floor of the hotel room and tries to keep in touch with friends back home by text.

    —claudia torrens, The Seattle Times, "Many Puerto Ricans adrift in US hotels after Hurricane Maria,"28 Jan. 2018

  • Creator Daisy Goodwin has some homework to do before the third season.

    —david wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle, "On TV, Jan. 11-14: Letterman’s back, and so is ‘Victoria’,"11 Jan. 2018

  • Children did their homework by the glow of Pottery Barn desk lamps.

    —aaron gilbreath, Longreads, "Vanishing As a Way to Reclaim Your Life,"9 Feb. 2018

  • Her 16-year-old daughter, Enghiemar, does her homework on the floor of the hotel room and tries to keep in touch with friends back home by text.

    —claudia torrens,, "Many Puerto Ricans adrift in U.S. hotels after Hurricane Maria,"30 Jan. 2018

  • So the Cowboys are doing their homework on guards and one has had a standout week at the Senior Bowl – UTEP’s Will Hernandez.

    —drew davison, star-telegram, "As Cowboys evaluate draft prospects, guard Will Hernandez keeps popping up,"26 Jan. 2018

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