Essay On Information Technology And Society

What is information technology?

Information technology is the technology used to store, manipulate, distribute or create information.  All these can be summed up easily – It’s having knowledge, and knowledge comes from having information. Gaining knowledge through information is the role of ‘’information technology’’ IT in today’s informed world.

IT is a set of tools that can help provide the right people with the right information at the right time.  Though IT is not a solution to every thing, for IT to work, people must learn how to use it. So you can not assume that IT will work for you to share information across the organization when people in the organization don’t know how to use it. Below I have listed a few roles of information technology in various sectors.

1.  The Role of Information Technology In An Organization:


  • Communication: Many organizations take electronic mail ”email” as a basic form of communication among employees, customers, business partners and suppliers. The simplicity of electronic mail ”email” makes it easier and faster to exchange information across departments in an organization. The all process saves time and money. However, more emerging forms of communications have surfaced and they also make communication easier. These include video conferencing systems, Voice over internet telephones ‘‘VIOP’’, live text and video chat services like ”SKYPE” and smart-phones.

  • Data Management:  There is no need to keep papers about every detail in an organization. Now, organizations have digitized most of their data. This data is stored in a database and employees access and share this information through a decentralized computing system. In a decentralized computing environment, the organization splits computing power and locates it in business areas as well as on the desktop of knowledge workers. So employees and managers can send queries to the database and retrieve data and use it in way required. This saves time and it also improves on decision making with in the organization.
  • Management Information Systems: With the use of MIS, data can be accessed and used in a given period of time. MIS reports summarize or aggregate information to support decision-making tasks. So, MIS’s are systems that have information-processing responsibilities that include information through online analytical processing (OLAP) and conveying information to whoever needs it. It is very important for employees and managers to access data anytime for quick decision making.


2.  The Role of Information Technology In Banking Industry:


  • Remote banking:  Now banks have facilities like online banking, ATM’S and mobile banking service which enable perform banking needs at any given time of the day.  With a simple user interface, users can use their computers or mobile phones to move money across accounts and they can also get financial details like bank statements and account balance with out going to a physical bank. This process saves time to both the customer and the bank.
  • Centralized Information:   Banks can operate more than 20 branches in a specific area, but the use of information technology to centralize all the information on all these branches, makes it easy to access information both by the bank employees and the customer.
  • Credit cards or smart cards:  Now banks issue out plastic cards to their customers so that they can perform transaction anytime anywhere.  For example , customers can buy any thing without carrying cash money, but they will use a smart card like ‘’VISA ELECTRON’’ to pay for products either online or at the shopping center.


3. The Role of Information Technology In Student’s Life:


  • Easy access to educational material:  Today , students can access books and research notes online. Unlike in the past when a student had to borrow a book from a physical library for a specific period, now days they can access most this data inform of e-books or electronic libraries. Library mobile Apps have been developed to enable students get library material on their mobile phones. Gadgets like Ipad , Amazon Kindle book reader have simplified students life.
  • Ability to study from anywhere: Online education has unlocked many boundaries for students. A student can now study from any were and work from any where. For example, accounting courses like ACCA can be done online and students who qualify can work from anywhere, this increases on their chances of competing for high qualified jobs in developed markets around the world .


More areas have been impacted by information technology, these include society, workplace , government, agriculture , entertainment and many more. You can discuss more about this topic using the commenting functionality below

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Information Technology In Society Essay

In recent years there has been a big change as revolution in the computer and communication world and all the signs are that technological development and employ of information technology (IT) will continue go on with a fast velocity. Advocating and accompanying the impressive developments in the power and continue employ of latest information technologies has been the communications’ declining cost consequently of both technological enhancements and developed competition. Such great progresses in development present several major and great opportunities but also pose a lot of challenges. Nowadays, increasing in inventions in the field of IT are having extensive effects all over the society, and different strategy makers are working on various issues in which economic output, rights of intellectual property, protection of privacy and approach to information. Option created now will have enduring effects, and concentration must be devoted to their socio-economic impacts.
The most important and very effective outcome of the development of IT is most likely the electronic communication and commerce through the Internet, a latest approach of leading the business. However, in recent times, it may fundamentally change the economic behaviours as well as the social atmosphere. Previously, it impacts those important fields like communications and interactions, retail business and finance and might spread out to sectors mainly like the services of health and education. It involves the seamless process of communication as well as information technology all along the whole business value chain that is managed electronically (Castells, 1996).

Literature Review
The IT has impacted numerous aspects and features of society. It is very significant to realise what the effects of the dispersal and at the large level employ of the information technology are for the lives of people. According to Isherwood and Marry the necessaries are described as such products which are bought in similar quantities regardless of income or price change (Brown and Duguid, 2000). Kraut among other researchers observed a longitudinal analysis on the Internet effects on social engagement and psychological happiness and well-being (Alpar and Kim, 1991). It is demonstrated in their discovering that the large and high employ of Internet was extensively connected with decreased community inside the family, a decreased limited social system, and depression and solitariness.
In current times, IT flows and functions in the blood of every society. It is very important as fuel that drives the lives of human. It is an essential and vital ingredient of people’s way of life. It has absolutely helped society. It is also the main cause of luxury and comfort in the common people’s lives. The computerisation brought about by great and enhance technology has protected the effort of human and time to a large degree (Egger and Rauterberg, 1996). IT has brought remote...

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