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  • "Just Like My Highschool Agenda Books" - By Hen
    I went into college not too long ago, and figured that I needed some sort of planner to organize all my assignments. Back in highschool, it was mandatory to have a planner, and my school had its own agenda book for every student for free. Now that I'm in college, there's no free agenda books, and no one is holding my hand anymore, so I'm on my own.

    I searched far and wide for a satisfying planner, but most of them were in irritating fonts and girlish formats. I wanted something that imitated my highschool planner because it was perfect, and I completely took it for granted.

    This is literally the only student planner that was able to satisfy my needs. The cover may not be so attractive, but it also leaves room for customizing. It's also pretty modest and professional, which I like a lot.

    If ... full review


Assignment Planner

Do you struggle with deadlines? Are you not certain how to set up a sustainable research and writing schedule? Do you often find yourself unsure where to start?

Welcome to the Assignment Planner!

What does it do? After placing the start and end dates into boxes below, the Assignment Planner will create a to-do list with suggested dates for completion following a generative writing process. With those dates, the Assignment Planner will provide links to resources from both the Writing Center and KU Libraries.

How do I use the Assignment Planner? Simply enter the date that you intend to begin working on the assignment and the date that the assignment will be due in the boxes below. Then, click Calculate. A plan will be generated using these dates as guides. 

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