Personal Narrative Essays Topics On Reading

Key aspects of personal narrative essay composing

What is a narrative essay?

First and foremost, it is necessary to answer a question – what is a narrative essay and what are its main objectives? And the answer is – a narrative essay format is built on YOUR personal experience, memories, anecdotal evidence, and feelings.

And it is here where an example of narrative essay becomes crucial. Why? Because it reveals you how storytelling is put at the head of the table.

Mind that writing a narrative essay mainly deals with depicting your life experience. For your reader to be totally captivated with your essay and maintain interest till the very last sentence, it is quite essential to develop a thought-provoking and emotional storyline.

Speaking about an example of a narrative essay theme, you might dislike writing about any supernatural event in your life, describing an ordinary trip to a supermarket instead. But depict it in a way that will draw your readers’ attention, arouse curiosity, and trigger emotions. Consequently, embedding amusing facts and unexpected twists in your story will pay off extra well.

Expert tips on how to write a narrative essay

Now that you know the narrative essay definition and its main goals, we can move on to discuss some of the most grounding features regarding content. Personal narrative essay specialists recommend adding as many details as possible. However, you have to do it properly in order to keep your audience interested, not bored.

Secondly, while looking through examples of narrative essays and compositions, you will notice that maintaining the sequence of events is vital. Note that the lack of order in this matter might confuse your readers. Or even worse – lose their attention. As a result, your work won’t worth a tuppence.

Avoid it by introducing a solid narrative essay outline where all events are structured and consistent. How to do it? Download a sample narrative essay at our service and see how UK writers perform it in a proper fashion.

And finally, you have to carry out a research in two areas. They are narrative essay topics and your potential audience. Here is what you have to do:

  • Study your readers’ habits, likes and dislikes; learn what literary methods and techniques will resonate with your target audience the best;
  • Pick up a proper topic within a suggested subject area; think of an engaging title and introduction as well;
  • Download a narrative essay sample or two and learn how specialists cope with the task and gain results.

Have you already stricken out a nice topic? Suggest several more and choose the one that is the most appealing in your option. Have you already come up with a solid and cohesive outline? Start filling it with content. And DO edit yourself several times, when the final period is put.

Unique narrative essay topics are earth-shattering

Indeed, the importance of your narrative essay rubric is astoundingly important. Even the greatest piece of writing will reside unnoticed if it has a poor topic and title. Readers simply won’t be eager to familiarize themselves with your opus.

To grasp a full meaning of this notion, you should get a narrative essay example by one of our expert writers. With a profound sample, you will be more aware of what topic is more likely to connect with your readers and what will miss the target.

Choose narrative essay example for your inspiration

Note that you have a free access to personal narrative essay examples 24/7. At you can download any reference essay you like and save it on your computer for a further consultation. Such approach always pays off because it gives you a unique insight into the process of essay writing that is aimed at achieving excellent outcomes.

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Smart Narrative Essay Topics

Sometimes it can be difficult to write really interesting and exciting essay of the good quality. The main difficulty is that the writer should engage the reader’s attention. The best way to attract your audience interest into your essay is to choose the topic. It should reflect the main point of your essay and give readers a hint what your essay will be about. Narrative essay topic should be lively and interesting.

About a Narrative Essay

Writing a narrative essay, you have to follow these options: write an essay on the topic given by the professor or to make your own topic for your narrative essay. The second option is definitely more interesting and exciting, yet it is more difficult. You have no chance to make an error in the essay topic as it determines the success of your narrative essay.

As we already know, the narrative essays concentrate on story telling or describe some accident that happened in the narrator’s life. That is why the topic should relate closely with the experience the writer.

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Narrative Essay Topics

Below you can see a list of narrative essay topics that can guarantee 100% of success:

  1. An experience that left me disillusioned.
  2. The most embarrassing experience of my life.
  3. A frightening experience that I had.
  4. A memorable journey.
  5. A dangerous experience and my behavior during the accident.
  6. Friendship breakup.
  7. The moment of my personal failure.
  8. The moment of my success.
  9. The encounter that changed my life.
  10. Experience that helped to renew my faith.
  11. The most strange job interview I have ever had.
  12. My first working day.
  13. The last day at work.
  14. A significant misunderstanding.
  15. The first serious rejection in my life.
  16. A memorable event in the life of my family.
  17. Being acquainted with someone, you considered to be your role-model.
  18. A memorable encounter with the authority.
  19. My first visit to the country.
  20. Country of my dream.
  21. A childhood experience that helped me to grow up.
  22. An experience that showed me real life values.
  23. An experience that taught me how to be more appreciative of my life.
  24. An example of heroism for me.
  25. A negative example of cowardice.
  26. An experience that proves that the appearance could be deceiving.
  27. An act of rebellious that changed my life.
  28. An imaginary encounter with a real person.
  29. Miracles in the everyday life.
  30. The most difficult decision I had to make.
  31. Why I should be careful with what I wish for.
  32. A historic event that changed my life.
  33. A trip that I would like to take.
  34. A book that impressed me a lot.
  35. An important discovery that influenced my life.
  36. An experience that made me laugh until I cried.
  37. The day when I decided to change my life.
  38. Two different version of the same event.
  39. A horrible traffic incident.
  40. A turning point of my life.
  41. The best birthday celebration ever.
  42. A day when everything went wrong.
  43. An unexpected encounter.
  44. The best vacation trip of my childhood.
  45. My first day and the lesson I learnt of it.
  46. My experience of being lost.
  47. A brush with the enemy.
  48. A brush with greatness.
  49. The experience that altered your perception of someone.
  50. The account of a visit to a fictional place.

Important Details of Narrative Essay

As you can see, there is a whole rich variety of topics for writing a narrative essay that can vary greatly. There are personal narratives or story-telling narratives. As a result, the selection of topic does not matter as the writer should remember that everything is under his control in a narrative essay. The writer has the rights and responsibilities to alter any details that will help in delivering the message of the writing.

Keep in mind, the narrative essay should tell an interesting or eye-catching story. Make sure that all kinds of sensory details were used. Writers usually skip this step, as it is the most difficult one. However, experienced writer will use additional details in order to emphasize the point he makes in the essay and make it more effective. The more details the writer uses the more chances that the reader will be engaged.

To summarize

Good essayist should utilize proper pacing. It is better not to zip through details very quickly as it will distract the reader from the main idea of the essay. On the contrary, using of too many details it will take the reader too much time for reading and he will get boring and may never finish reading the essay till the end.


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