Gcsu Admissions Essay Writing

Applicants are required to submit transcripts directly from each and every high school to the GC Office of the Admissions.

If admitted,dual enrollment transcripts are required if any courses were taken at an institution/college while the student attended high school. For information about course equivalency and how courses taken at another institution transfer to Georgia College, please visit our Transfer Equivalency page. 

Faxed documents and copies provided by the student are NOT considered official and will not be used for admission purposes. Courses from one institution that are listed on another high school and/or college transcript will not substitute for an official transcript. Prior educational experience may not be omitted from an application package.

Official formats for receiving transcripts:

College: Parchment, eScrip, National Student Clearinghouse, Mail
High School: GAFutures, Parchment, CommonApp, Mail

E-mail address for official electronic transcript submission: admissions@gcsu.edu

The Writing Center Mission Statement

The mission of the GC Writing Center is to help members of the GC community achieve success in their writing.  Writing center consultants are trained to analyze writing in terms of six fundamental conditions adapted from Donald Murray's book Write to Learn: purpose, focus, the use of specifics as evidence, and/or the use of sense impressions as evidence, personal involvement, and organization.  The goal of GC consultants is to help visitors acquire approaches, strategies, and attitudes toward writing that mean success, that result in clear, meaningful, powerful writing based on these fundamental things.  Accordingly, consultants ask visitors to engage in activities (e.g., writing lists of specifics related to their topics that they can insert into their writing) that promote successful writing.

You can visit a GC Writing Consultant at Room 228 in the Russell Library.

Everybody is Welcome

The Writing Center is a free service available to all members of the university community, not just those enrolled in English classes. Undergraduate and graduate level students are welcome. Consultants assist writers in the writing process, from conception and organization of compositions to revision to documentation of research.

GC Writing Center History

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Pete Carriere, the GC Writing Center has helped thousands of GC students achieve writing success in a variety of genres, from personal and academic essays to research papers to graduate school application essays and letters appealing administrative decisions.  Thanks to the efforts of  Dr. Bernie Patterson, Dean of Arts & Sciences, Dr. Pete Carriere, Associate Professor of English, and Dr. Anne Gormly, GC Vice President for academic affairs, the writing center was funded in 2002 and became a permanent fixture at 209 Lanier Hall in the center of the campus. English graduate and MFA students work as consultants in the writing center in Lanier, and current and former honors students work as peer consultants in the residence halls.  The total number of consultants varies slightly year to year; this year we have seven graduate consultants in Lanier and six peer consultants in the residence halls. Last year the GC Writing Center logged over a thousand visits.

Since its inception in 1997, the writing center has recorded visitors from all schools and colleges in the university, all departments, and all grade levels.  In any given academic year, approximately 1/3 of the visitors will be from non-Freshman composition courses: or approximately 300 people.  Some of our most successful graduates have relied on the GC Writing Center.


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