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The Impact World Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestlingchampionship contested for in Impact Wrestling's tag team division. After the formation of TNA in June 2002, the company executives signed a contractual agreement with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) that allowed them control of the NWA World Heavyweight and World Tag Team Championships.[1] TNA subsequently changed their name to NWA–TNA, making them an official member of the NWA in the process. In May 2007, the NWA ended their five-year partnership with TNA, and thus regained control of the NWA World Heavyweight and World Tag Team Championships.[1] As a result, TNA created the TNA World Heavyweight and World Tag Team Championships, which were unveiled on TNA's online podcastTNA Today on the May 15 and May 17, 2007 editions.[2][3] In the respective editions, the championships were awarded to the last NWA champions under TNA banner by Jeremy Borash and TNA's primary authority figureJim Cornette. The championship was officially presented to the public and awarded to the first official champions, Team 3D (Brother Devon and Brother Ray), on May 17.[3] The championship was renamed to its current name in March 2017 when the promotion adopted its current name.

Title reigns are determined either by professional wrestling matches between different wrestlers involved in pre-existing scripted feuds, plots, and storylines, or by scripted circumstances. Wrestlers were portrayed as either villains or heroes as they followed a series of tension-building events, which culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches for the championship. Reigns that were won on episodes of TNA's primary television program, TNA Impact!, aired on television two to nine days from the date the match was taped. The inaugural champions were Team 3D, who were awarded the championship by being the last NWA World Tag Team Champions under TNA banner. The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) and Beer Money, Inc. (Bobby Roode and James Storm) hold the record for most reigns as a team, with five. The longest reign as of February 2015 is 7002212000000000000♠212 days, by the team of Beer Money, Inc., who set the record in their fourth reign.

Although the title is a World Tag Team Championship, supposedly only intended for tag teams, three different wrestlers have held the championship by themselves—Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan.[4] Joe held the championship during his entire reign alone; however, Angle held the championship alone for 15 days until Sting won a match involving three other competitors to become Angle's partner and Morgan held the championship after (kayfabe) injuring his championship partner. Overall, there have been 43 reigns shared between 38 wrestlers and 27 teams. The current champions are LAX (Ortiz and Santana).

Title history[edit]


TNA World Tag Team ChampionshipMay 13, 2007 – March 1, 2017
Impact Wrestling World Tag Team ChampionshipMarch 2, 2017 – July 2, 2017
Unified GFW World Tag Team ChampionshipJuly 2, 2017 – August 17, 2017
GFW World Tag Team ChampionshipAugust 17, 2017 – September 18, 2017
Impact World Tag Team ChampionshipSeptember 18, 2017 – present


For a list of world tag team champions in TNA between 2002 and 2007, see List of NWA World Tag Team Champions.

As of March 9, 2018.

No.Order in reign history
ReignThe reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
EventThe event in which the title was won
Wrestler name (No.)The number represents the individual reigns of a wrestler when this is distinct from the tag team's reign.
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
+Indicates the current reign is changing daily
(Tag team name)
ReignDateDays heldLocationEventNotesRef.
01 !1Team 3D
(Brother Devon !Brother Devon and Brother Ray !Brother Ray)
01 !1000000002007-05-17-0000May 17, 20077001590000000000000♠59Orlando !Orlando, FloridaTNA Today !TNA TodayTeam 3D were awarded the championship on the May 17, 2007 edition of TNA's online web show TNA Today by Jim Cornette and Jeremy Borash following the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) stripping them of the NWA World Tag Team Championship on May 13, 2007.[3]
02 !2Samoa Joe !Samoa Joe01 !1000000002007-07-15-0000July 15, 20077001280000000000000♠28Orlando !Orlando, FloridaVictory Road 2007 !Victory Road (2007)This was a tag team match with Joe teaming with TNA World Heavyweight ChampionKurt Angle, in which the person to get the fall would win that person's championship; Joe's TNA X Division Championship and Angle's TNA World Heavyweight Championship were also on the line. Joe pinned Brother Ray to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Joe decided to hold the championship alone.[5]
03 !3Angle !Kurt Angle01 !1000000002007-08-12-0000August 12, 20077001150000000000000♠15Orlando !Orlando, FloridaHard Justice !Hard Justice (2007)This was a "Winner Take All" match, in which Joe's TNA X Division and World Tag Team Championships were on the line, as well as Angle's TNA World Heavyweight and (IGF recognized) IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.[6]
04 !4Angle !Kurt Angle and Sting !Sting[N 1]01 !1000000002007-08-27-0000August 27, 20077001130000000000000♠13Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact! !TNA Impact!Sting defeated AJ Styles, Christian Cage, and Samoa Joe in a fatal–four way match on August 27, which aired on the August 30 episode of TNA Impact!, to become Angle's partner.[7]
05 !5Team Pacman
(Jones !Adam Jones and Killings !Ron Killings)
01 !1000000002007-09-09-0000September 9, 20077001350000000000000♠35Orlando !Orlando, FloridaNo Surrender 2007 !No Surrender (2007)[8]
06 !6Christian's Coalition
(Styles !A.J. StylesandTomko !Tomko)
01 !1000000002007-10-14-0000October 14, 20077002184000000000000♠184Duluth !Duluth, GeorgiaBound for Glory 2007 !Bound for Glory (2007)Defeated Killings and Consequences Creed (substitute for Jones) for the title.[9]
07 !7Kaz !Kaz and Young !Eric Young/Super Eric01 !1000000002008-04-15-0000April 15, 2008000 !<1Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact! !TNA Impact!Defeated A.J. Styles and Tomko and The Latin American Xchange in a three–way match.[10]
zz !—Vacated !Vacatedzz !—000000002008-04-15-0000April 15, 2008zz !—Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact! !TNA Impact!Kaz and Young were stripped of the titles by Jim Cornette after Eric Young refused to admit that he and Super Eric were in fact the same person. This episode aired on tape delay on April 17, 2008.[10]
08 !8The Latin American Xchange
(Hernandez !Hernandez and Homicide !Homicide)
01 !1000000002008-05-11-0000May 11, 20087001910000000000000♠91Orlando !Orlando, FloridaSacrifice 2008 !Sacrifice (2008)The Latin American Xchange defeated Team 3D in the finals of The Deuces Wild Tag Team Tournament to win the vacant championship.[11]
09 !9Beer Money, Inc.
(Storm !James Storm and Roode !Robert Roode)
01 !1000000002008-08-10-0000August 10, 20087002128000000000000♠128Trenton !Trenton, New JerseyHard Justice 2008 !Hard Justice (2008)[12]
10 !10Lethal !Jay LethalandCreed !Consequences Creed01 !1000000002008-12-16-0000December 16, 20087001260000000000000♠26Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact! !TNA Impact!Lethal, choosing Creed as his partner, invoked his Feast or Fired title opportunity to challenge Beer Money, Inc. for the championship and win the title. This episode aired on tape delay on January 8, 2009.[13]
11 !11Beer Money, Inc.
(Storm !James Storm and Roode !Robert Roode)
02 !2000000002009-01-11-0000January 11, 20097001980000000000000♠98Charlotte !Charlotte, North CarolinaGenesis 2009 !Genesis (2009)This was a three–way match, which also included Matt Morgan and Abyss.[14]
12 !12Team 3D
(Brother Devon !Brother Devon and Brother Ray !Brother Ray)
02 !2000000002009-04-19-0000April 19, 20097001630000000000000♠63Philadelphia !Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaLockdown 2009 !Lockdown (2009)This was a Philadelphia Street Fight, also contested for the IWGP Tag Team Championship.[15]
13 !13Beer Money, Inc.
(Storm !James Storm and Roode !Robert Roode)
03 !3000000002009-06-21-0000June 21, 20097001280000000000000♠28Auburn Hills !Auburn Hills, MichiganSlammiversary 2009 !Slammiversary (2009)[16]
14 !14The Main Event Mafia
(Booker T !Booker T and Steiner !Scott Steiner)
01 !1000000002009-07-19-0000July 19, 20097001910000000000000♠91Orlando !Orlando, FloridaVictory Road 2009 !Victory Road (2009)[17]
15 !15The British Invasion/World Elite
(Magnus !Brutus Magnus and Williams !Doug Williams)
01 !1000000002009-10-18-0000October 18, 20097001910000000000000♠91Irvine !Irvine, CaliforniaBound for Glory 2009 !Bound for Glory (2009)This was a four wayFull Metal Mayhem Tag Team match, which also included Beer Money, Inc. and Team 3D and was contested also for the IWGP Tag Team Championship.[18]
16 !16Hernandez !Hernandez(2) and Morgan !Matt Morgan01 !1000000002010-01-17-0000January 17, 20107001780000000000000♠78Orlando !Orlando, FloridaGenesis 2010 !Genesis (2010)[19]
17 !17Morgan !Matt Morgan01 !1000000002010-04-05-0000April 5, 20107001290000000000000♠29Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact! !TNA Impact!Morgan declares himself sole champion, after (kayfabe) injuring Hernandez and putting him out of action indefinitely. Impact Wrestling recognizes this as a continuation of his first reign.[20]
18 !18The Band
(Young, Eric !Eric Young(2), Nash, Kevin !Kevin Nash and Hall, Scott !Scott Hall)
01 !1000000002010-05-04-0000May 4, 20107001410000000000000♠41Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact! !TNA Impact!Nash, choosing Hall as his partner, invoked his Feast or Fired title opportunity to challenge Matt Morgan for the championship and win the title. This episode aired on tape delay on May 13, 2010. Young was also recognized as a champion and the three defended the title under the Freebird rule.[21][22]
zz !—Vacated !Vacatedzz !—000000002010-06-14-0000June 14, 2010zz !—Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact! !TNA Impact!The Band was stripped of the title due to Scott Hall's legal problems. This episode aired on tape delay on June 17, 2010.[25][26]
19 !19The Motor City Machine Guns
(Shelley, Alex !Alex Shelley and Sabin, Chris !Chris Sabin)
01 !1000000002010-07-11-0000July 11, 20107002182000000000000♠182Orlando !Orlando, FloridaVictory Road 2010 !Victory Road (2010)The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode) to win the vacant title.[27]
20 !20Beer Money, Inc./Fortune
(Storm !James Storm and Roode !Robert/Bobby Roode)
04 !4000000002011-01-09-0000January 9, 20117002212000000000000♠212Orlando !Orlando, FloridaGenesis 2011 !Genesis (2011)Robert Roode switched his ring name to Bobby Roode in May 2011.[28]
21 !21Mexican America
(Anarquia !Anarquia and Hernandez !Hernandez(3))
01 !1000000002011-08-09-0000August 9, 20117001970000000000000♠97Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingThis episode aired on tape delay on August 18, 2011.[29][30]
22 !22Crimson !Crimson and Morgan !Matt Morgan(2)01 !1000000002011-11-14-0000November 14, 20117001900000000000000♠90Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !'Impact WrestlingThis episode aired on tape delay on November 17, 2011.[31][32]
23 !23Magnus !Magnus(2) and Samoa Joe !Samoa Joe(2)01 !1000000002012-02-12-0000February 12, 20127001910000000000000♠91Orlando !Orlando, FloridaAgainst All Odds 2012 !Against All Odds (2012)[33]
24 !24The World Tag Team Champions of the World
(Christopher Daniels and Kazarian(2))
01 !1000000002012-05-13-0000May 13, 20127001280000000000000♠28Orlando !Orlando, FloridaSacrifice 2012 !Sacrifice (2012)[34]
25 !25Styles !A.J. Styles(2) and Angle !Kurt Angle(2)01 !1000000002012-06-10-0000June 10, 20127001180000000000000♠18Arlington !Arlington, TexasSlammiversary X !Slammiversary X[35]
26 !26The World Tag Team Champions of the World
(Christopher Daniels and Kazarian(3))
02 !2000000002012-06-28-0000June 28, 20127002108000000000000♠108Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !Impact Wrestling[36]
27 !27Guerrero !Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez(4)01 !1000000002012-10-14-0000October 14, 20127002103000000000000♠103Phoenix !Phoenix, ArizonaBound for Glory 2012 !Bound for Glory (2012)This was a three way match, which also included AJ Styles and Kurt Angle.[37]
28 !28Bobby Roode(5)andAustin Aries01 !1000000002013-01-25-0000January 25, 20137001760000000000000♠76Manchester !Manchester, EnglandImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingThis episode aired on tape delay on February 7, 2013.[38]
29 !29Guerrero !Chavo Guerrero(2) and Hernandez(5)02 !2000000002013-04-11-0000April 11, 20137001520000000000000♠52Corpus Christi !Corpus Christi, TexasImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingThis was a two out of three falls match. If Chavo and Hernandez lost, they vowed never to team together again.
30 !30Gunner !GunnerandStorm !James Storm(5)01 !1000000002013-06-02-0000June 2, 20137002140000000000000♠140Boston !Boston, MassachusettsSlammiversary XI !Slammiversary XIThis was a four–way elimination match also involving Bobby Roode & Austin Aries as well as Bad Influence (Daniels & Kazarian).
31 !31The BroMans
(Robbie E !Robbie E and Jessie Godderz !Jessie Godderz)
01 !1000000002013-10-20-0000October 20, 20137002126000000000000♠126San Diego !San Diego, CaliforniaBound for Glory (2013) !Bound for Glory (2013)
32 !32The Wolves
(Davey Richards !Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards !Eddie Edwards)
01 !1000000002014-02-23-0000February 23, 20147000700000000000000♠7Morgantown !Morgantown, West VirginiaHouse show[39]
33 !33The BroMans
(Robbie E !Robbie E and Jessie Godderz !Jessie Godderz)
02 !2000000002014-03-02-0000March 2, 20147001560000000000000♠56Tokyo !Tokyo, JapanKaisen: OutbreakThis was a three-way match, also involving Team 246 (Kaz Hayashi and Shuji Kondo).
34 !34The Wolves
(Davey Richards !Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards !Eddie Edwards)
02 !2000000002014-04-27-0000April 27, 20147002145000000000000♠145Orlando !Orlando, FloridaSacrifice (2014)This was a 2-on-3 handicap match with DJ Z as the third member of the BroMans.
35 !35The Revolution
(Abyss !Abyss and James Storm !James Storm(6))
01 !1000000002014-09-19-0000September 19, 20147002133000000000000♠133Bethlehem !Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingThis episode aired on tape delay on November 12, 2014
Storm invoked a Feast or Fired Tag Team title opportunity (given to him by Gunner) and selected Abyss as his partner.
36 !36The Wolves
(Davey Richards !Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards !Eddie Edwards)
03 !3000000002015-01-30-0000January 30, 20157001420000000000000♠42Manchester !Manchester, EnglandImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingThis episode aired on tape delay on March 6, 2015.
zz !—Vacated !Vacatedzz !—000000002015-03-13-0000March 13, 2015zz !—Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingVacated due to Edwards suffering a broken heel. Aired April 3, 2015.[40]
37 !37The Hardys
(Jeff Hardy !Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy !Matt Hardy)
01 !1000000002015-03-16-0000March 16, 20157001530000000000000♠53Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingWon vacant titles in an Ultimate X match also involving The Beat Down Clan (Low Ki & Kenny King), Ethan Carter III & Bram and Dirty Heels.
Aired April 17, 2015.
zz !—Vacated !Vacatedzz !—000000002015-05-08-0000May 8, 2015zz !—Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingVacated due to Jeff Hardy suffering a broken leg.
38 !38The Wolves
(Davey Richards !Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards !Eddie Edwards)
04 !4000000002015-06-25-0000June 25, 20157001330000000000000♠33Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingDefeated The Dirty Heels in a 30-minute Ironman match to win the vacant titles.
This was the fifth match in a best-of-five series
Aired on tape delay July 1, 2015.
39 !39Brian Myers and Trevor Lee01 !1000000002015-07-28-0000July 28, 20157000100000000000000♠1Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingJeff and Karen Jarrett invoked Nick Aldis' (Magnus')Feast or Fired title opportunity for Myers and Lee to challenge The Wolves for the championship.
Aired on tape delay September 2, 2015.
40 !40The Wolves
(Davey Richards !Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards !Eddie Edwards)
05 !5000000002015-07-29-0000July 29, 20157002186000000000000♠186Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingAired on tape delay September 9, 2015.[42]
41 !41Beer Money, Inc.
(Storm !Bobby Roode(6) and Roode !James Storm(7))
05 !5000000002016-01-31-0000January 31, 20167001480000000000000♠48Birmingham !Birmingham, EnglandImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingStorm cashed in his Feast or Fired Tag Team Championship contract
Aired on tape delay March 8, 2016.
42 !42Decay
(Abyss !Abyss(2) and Steve !Crazzy Steve)
01 !1000000002016-03-19-0000March 19, 20167002197000000000000♠197Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingThis was contested in a Valley of Shadows match.
Aired on tape delay April 26, 2016.
43 !43The Broken Hardys
(Matt Hardy and Brother Nero)
02 !2000000002016-10-02-0000October 2, 20167002152000000000000♠152Orlando !Orlando, FloridaBound for GloryThis was The Great War. The team was previously known as The Hardys, and Brother Nero was previously known as Jeff Hardy. On March 2, 2017, the championship was renamed to the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Championship following the renaming of the promotion.[44]
zz !—Vacated !Vacatedzz !—000000002017-03-03-0000March 3, 2017zz !—Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingVacated due to The Broken Hardys leaving TNA.
Aired on tape delay March 16, 2017.
zz !—
44 !44The Latin American Xchange
(Santana and Ortiz)
01 !1000000002017-03-04-0000March 4, 20177002169000000000000♠169Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact Wrestling !Impact WrestlingThis was a four-way tag team match also involving Decay, Reno Scum and Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. Aired on tape delay March 30, 2017. During their reign, they won and unified the GFW Tag Team Championship with the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Championship. The title was renamed as GFW World Tag Team Championship.[45]
45 !45Ohio Versus Everything
(Dave Crist and Jake Crist)
01 !1000000002017-08-20-0000August 20, 20177001810000000000000♠81Orlando !Orlando, FloridaImpact! !GFW Impact!: Victory Road (2017)Aired on tape delay September 28, 2017. During their reign, the title was renamed Impact World Tag Team Championship.[46]
46 !46The Latin American Xchange
(Santana and Ortiz)
02 !2000000002017-11-09-0000November 9, 20177002120000000000000♠120+Ottawa !Ottawa, OntarioImpact Wrestling !Impact!This episode aired on tape delay on January 4, 2018.

Combined reigns[edit]

As of March 9, 2018.

Indicates the current champion

By team[edit]

Thousands of British wrestling fans are expected to attend a FREE show featuring Team 3D aka The Dudley Boyz.

The most decorated tag team in history will be part of Preston City Wrestling's Tribute To The Troops event on Saturday, July 11.

A host of WWE and TNA Superstars past and present will join the cream of the British grappling scene on the city's Flag Market.

And Bully Ray and Devon will face PCW's Tag Team Champions Team Single... in their signature tables match!

The pairing of TNA British Boot Camp 2 finalist Rampage Brown and Worcester's T-Bone have held the belts for two years.

PCW's Heavyweight Champion, the ex-WWE star Chris Masters, will defend his title against another TNA British Boot Camp 2 finalist, Birmingham's monstrous Dave Mastiff.

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mr Anderson, known as Mr Kennedy in WWE, goes head to head with the 'East End Butcher' Sha Samuels.

Two-time TNA X Division Champion Rockstar Spud clashes with PCW's Cruiserweight Champion Bubblegum.

Birmingham's Ryan Smile faces another TNA British Boot Camp 2 finalist in the shape of Scottish prodigy Noam Dar.

Two-time TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky takes on Scottish destroyer Viper, Wigan suplex machine April Davids and Australia's Toni Storm.

A six-man Money In The Bank bout offers the winner a PCW Heavyweight Championship match at any time and place.

Lionheart - fresh from facing IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles after recovering from a broken neck - will fight against high flyers Dean Allmark and El Ligero, ring technicians Joey Hayes and Martin Kirby and rising star Charlie Garrett.

The event at 3pm is part of Preston Armed Forces Day, celebrating local regiment the Kings Royal Hussars' homecoming parade.

Last year's show attracted nearly 4,000 fans and PCW owner and promoter Steven Fludder is now aiming for 6,000.

He said: "What better way to show my company off and get new eyes on my product than a free show in front of thousands of people.

"Last year I was proud to show everybody what PCW is and this year I want to raise the bar and show them what an asset to the city of Preston it is."

The Dudley Boyz won 10 tag titles during a six-year spell with WWE, after a record eight reigns as tag team champions in ECW.

One of the most popular pairings of WWE's Attitude Era, they became famous for their hardcore style and love of smashing opponents through tables, and shone in one of the greatest tag team matches in history at WrestleMania 17.

Moving to TNA Wrestling in 2005, where they were rechristened Team 3D after their Dudley Death Drop finishing move, the New York natives went on to clinch the NWA and TNA tag team titles, and twice held NJPW's IWGP Tag Team Championship.

The duo reunited following a spell as singles wrestlers, during which time Bully twice won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and Devon the TNA Television Championship, and entered the TNA Hall of Fame.

For more information visit the PCW website


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