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Bookends  version 13.0.6
The reference manager you’ve been looking for

Here is a list of what’s new in this version of Bookends.

In addition to all the great features that make Bookends invaluable in your academic life, you can seamlessly synchronize your reference libraries and attachments between all your Macs as well as Bookends for iOS on your iPad or iPhone (cloud sync requires macOS 10.10 or later). Cloud sync is fast, secure, and transparent. Even if you have only one Mac and no iOS devices, using cloud sync gives you a secure backup of your reference library.

Note to ex-Sente users: We think you'll find Bookends a good fit. You can easily transfer Sente references (with notes) and PDFs to Bookends. Bookends can also import from EndNote, Papers, Zotero, and Mendeley. Here are the details.

Download and use the demo version of Bookends for free. It will not timeout and is fully functional except for a 50 reference limit. If you need more than that, you can purchase Bookends and the registration code you receive will allow an unlimited number of references.

Collect, find, organize, annotate, and publish with Bookends

Reference management entails the collection, annotation, curation, and citation of published information. This is exactly what Bookends does. Bookends can perform Internet searches to retrieve references and associated pdfs or web pages, or immediately find and import references for which you already have the pdf. Versatile groups (static, smart, hierarchical, and virtual), Term Lists (keywords, authors, etc.), reference cross-linking (links), multiple notecards per reference, searchable PDF tags, PDF annotation, on-the-fly creation of tag clouds of reference information that can be organized into hierarchical metatags, and instantaneous live searches help organize and find information in your personal collection. Highly configurable displays let you view the reference information and attachments the way you want. Scan your word processor manuscripts to create publication-ready documents complete with bibliographies and footnotes. Sync references and pdfs in your library with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (requires separate purchase of Bookends for iOS from the iTunes App Store). Create and edit PDF annotations and highlighted text, which instantly appear as Bookends notecards. And much more. Compatible with MicrosoftWord 2011 and 2016, Mellel (including Live Bibliography, updating of citations and bibliographies as you type), Apple Pages, Nisus Writer Pro,Manuscripts, and LibreOffice/OpenOffice 4.

Selected Features

Have it your way

All the world’s a search…

Attach and organize original sources automatically

Get it in writing

Note to self…

No book is an island

Get your head into the clouds (tag clouds, that is)

And no matter what you’ve heard, you can take it with you—Bookends for iOS

Bookends for iOS version 3

Available from the App Store

Want to take your Bookends references and pdfs with you? Import references and annotate pdfs on your iPad or iPhone? And then sync them all with Bookends on your Mac? There’s an app for that…Bookends for iOS

Reference Miner version 4.2

Available from the Mac App Store

A subset of the Bookends Internet search functionality is available in Reference Miner, a standalone lightweight version of Bookends’ online search. Reference Miner lets you explore PubMed, the Library of Congress, Google Scholar, JSTOR (requires access privileges and ip authentication), and Amazon. See it for yourself in the Mac App Store, or take a tour on our web site.

Bibliography Tutorial 4 - Scanning the Document


This is the fourth tutorial in the Bibliography series. In previous tutorials you practiced inserting citations into your document and managing them. Now that you have them all exactly where you want them to, you can proceed by scanning the document.

In this tutorial you will:

  • Scan a document.
  • Rescan a document.
  • Unscan a document.
  • Use Live Bibliography.

Tutorial Steps

Before we begin, we assume you have your Bibliography Demo Document open with some citations you've inserted into it. If that is not the case, refer to Bibliography Tutorial 2 - Inserting Citations and insert some citations into the document, using our Demo Bookends Library.

Scan a Document

Once you've inserted your citations and everything is in place, you are ready to scan your document.

When Mellel scans the document, it collects all your temporary citations and sends them to the reference manager. The reference manager then formats the citations and bibliography based on the format you choose, and sends them back to Mellel, which integrates them into your document.

So let's scan your document:

  1. Open the Bibliography palette.
  2. Click the Scan document button ().
  3. Use the Scan using the bib/document format of popup menu to choose APA 6th Edition.fmt.
  4. Click OK.

When the scan is completed, all the citations appear in the document in their final format, and a bibliography is added to the end of your document.

Rescan a Document

If you’ve added any new citations or edited existing ones, you will need to rescan the document so that the changes are reflected in the bibliography:

  1. Add two new citations from Bookends into your document.

    Notice that these citations are displayed in a temporary format and do not appear in the bibliography.

  2. Click the Scan document button () in the Bibliography palette.

Notice that this time, you weren't prompted to choose a format, as Mellel uses the format you chose when initially scanning the document.

The new citations should now appear in their final format and appear in the bibliography as well.

Unscan a Document

If you need to scan a document using a different format (for example to conform with the style guide of different journals), you will have to first unscan the document.

Unscanning the document reverts all the citations from their final format to temporary citations, and removes the bibliography:

Let's unscan our document:

  1. Open the Bibliography palette.
  2. Click the Unscan document button ().

Now the document is unscanned. You can see that the bibliography had been removed, and citations are in their temporary format.

You can now scan it again and select a different format in your reference manager.

Using Live Bibliography

All of this scanning, rescanning and unscanning is nice, but Mellel can make your life even easier by offering Live Bibliography. It is a powerful feature that automatically updates your citations and bibliography in real time as you insert them into your document. So you won't have to scan your document or verify any citations, and can focus on just writing.

Note that this feature is only available when using Bookends as your reference manager.

So how do you use Live Bibliography?

  1. Open the Bibliography palette.
  2. Click the Unscan document button ().

    We are only performing this action to undo previous changes. You do not have to do this when enabling Live Bibliography in your documents.

  3. Check the Live Bibliography checkbox.
  4. Use the Scan using the bib/document format of popup menu to choose APA 6th Edition.fmt.
  5. Click OK.

Mellel performs an initial scan of the document in the chosen format, and from here onwards the Scan and Unscan options in the Bibliography palette are disabled. Mellel automatically and immediately converts citations to their final format as they are inserted into the document and updates the bibliography accordingly.

Insert a new citation into the document, and note that it is immediately converted to its final format and appear in the bibliography as well.

What's Next?

Now you know pretty much all you need to know to generate a bibliography in your documents. But as we all know, styling matters just as much as content. That is why in Bibliography Tutorial 5 - Formatting Citations and the Bibliography you will practice how to format the citations and the bibliography so that they look just right.

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